Launching ONYX, our EU Relocation Management Platform

Coline Michaux

Dear Clients,

We are delighted to inform you that Eres Relocation Germany is currently in the process of launching ONYX, our Eres Relocation IT management platform. Our colleagues in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and the Netherlands have done so already and Germany will go live from January 2024. ONYX provides an organised way of storing documents and keeping track of the progress of a relocation case.

We started working with ONYX per October 2023 but very much behind the scenes at first to get full working understanding ourselves of all the new features it offers.

We are aiming for January 2024 to start offering ONYX access to you, our client, as well. This will allow you to initiate new cases online and safely up- and download all employer documents instead of sending these by email and last but not least, check the status of all initiated relocation files at any time convenient to you.

Moreover, we will give access to our ONYX IT platform to the transferees. They will receive an email prompting them to set up their own password. With this in place, they can log in at ONYX will enable your transferees to:

  • complete their personal profiles and needs assessment with all we need to know to assist them with a smooth relocation to and from Germany, 
  • securely and GDPR compliant up- and download all their relevant personal documents directly in ONYX, and 
  • free access to a wealth of very helpful eres guides on all imaginable topics.

All transferees will also have access to the My ONYX APP for their mobile devices, which looks like the below print screens.

Feel free to contact us if you would like a demo.

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